What is a solar heater?

The unit with integrated water tank is designed to heat water with the help of sun.

What is the purpose of solar heater?

Solar heater is designed for preparation of domestic water. It is a device consisting of vacuum tubes (for absorbing visible light and infrared) and an accumulator tank (water tank). The heat exchanger in this tank is intended for connection to a drinking water supply system.

How does a solar heater work?

The unit absorbs sunlight and converts it to thermal energy, which heats water.

What are the differences between pressure, vacuum and pressureless solar heater?

The pressure vacuum solar heater can also be mounted on the ground as the pressure in the water heater is the same as in the water system used. Meanwhile, pressureless heater should be installed as high as possible because pressure will depend on height you are installing (there is no comfort when showering). The glycol collector must have a separate boiler with two heat exchangers. This increases the cost of the device itself and complicates installation.

What happens if I want to have a shower at night?

Solar heater has a properly insulated water tank, where the heat accumulated during a day may be maintained even several days.

Does a solar heater operate at night?

No, it does not heat the water, because it needs sunlight for operation.

Does solar heater work when it is cloudy?

On a cloudy day activity of sun is reduced. If there is a lack of solar energy, water may be heated with integrated electric ten.

How solar heater works in winter?

Solar heater does not work in winter (because of Lithuanian climate conditions), but it does not mean you have to drainage the tank, only the pipeline. Solar heater works effectively from the middle of March to the middle of October.

Is it possible to install solar heater on the straight roof?

Yes, it is possible.

What is the warranty for solar heater?

24 months. Lifetime 12-15 years.

Does the solar heater require any daily maintenance?

No, it does not at all. The one thing – water must be drained from the pipeline before winter.

Can I install few solar heaters on my roof?

Definetely, yes.

Is the pressure of the hydrophore sufficient?

Yes, it is.

How is it protected from overheating?

There is a breather through which the water boils off steam.

Can I join a coil?

Available with circulation pump and dedicated controller.

How much does delivery cost?

From 30-50 eur in Lithuania. The price of shipping abraod depends on a country.

How is water heater packed?

Packed in four packs. Solar heater fits in all caravan type cars.